Auto Accident Claims

Two Main Claims when Injured in an Auto Accident


PIP/No-Fault Benefits

  • Typically comes from your own auto insurance.
    • Don’t have auto insurance? Contact us to find out what your rights are!
  • Covers the Following:
  • ONLY one year to put the insurance company on Notice that you were in an accident and seeking PIP/No-Fault Benefits
  • Once the insurance company is “on notice,” have one year from each date of service to file a lawsuit or lose the ability to recover that service. Services include:
    • Medical date of service
    • Nursing date of service
    • Someone helping you around the home (each day)
    • Prescription fill date
    • Mileage dates
    • Or each date of wage loss


Bodily Injury/Pain and Suffering

  • Comes from the Tortfeasor or “Bad Guy”
  • Need to show the following:
    1. Objective Injury or Serious impairment of;
    2. An important body function; AND
    3. You cannot lead your normal life
  • Three Years to file a lawsuit

Points to Remember:

  • The No-Fault claim and the Bodily Injury claim are separate and distinct claims. You could settle or reach resolution of one claim and have the other continue forward.
  • Most health insurance policies will not pay auto-related injuries, so it is very important to bill your claim number given to you by your insurance company.

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