Dog Bite Injuries

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Michigan Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog Bite Injuries

According to the most recent information posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year in the United States, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. Out of those who are bitten, about 20% then need to get further medical attention for the pain and treatment of injuries caused by these dog bites. Dog attacks do not result in clean wounds either—in fact, they often lead to some of the most horrifying and gruesome injuries, especially since vulnerable people like children or the elderly are the most common victims.

Directly after you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, you will need not only medical aid but also support from our dog bite lawyers in Muskegon to represent you. At West Michigan Injury Lawyers, PLC, we can fight your vicious attack with powerful legal aggression.

Dog Bite Laws in Michigan

Some good news for anyone who has unfortunately been bitten by a dog is that Michigan is known for having a stringent dog bite injury statute. A dog owner can be liable for the terrible damage and havoc wreaked by their dog if the person who was bitten was either located in public or had been legally on the owner’s property.

According to Michigan’s law M.C.L. § 287.351, it does not matter if the dog was supposedly gentle before this altercation and had never shown signs of violence. Regardless of the dog’s supposed lack of viciousness, the owner is responsible for making sure the dog would never harm someone. The only exceptions to this are when the victim directly provoked the dog or was trespassing; otherwise, the dog owner’s duty is to pay recompense. In essence, the dog’s owner is an insurer of the dog.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog, the first thing to do is get emergency aid. Your wound does not only need to be properly treated but you will also need to get the appropriate shots, in case of rabies. Once aid is on the way, then start collecting as much information as possible. It is crucial to record the name of the owner, and carefully organize all relevant information, from addresses to emails to phone numbers, not only of the owner but of the witnesses.

In all cases of dog bite injuries, no matter how apparently “big” or “small” the wound, you must attempt to get as many photographs as possible. Take photos of the bite and accompanying injuries, the exact scene where it took place, and even of the dog itself so the owner cannot claim a different dog attacked you.

Filing a Dog Bite Injury Claim

Once you have collected as much evidence from the scene as possible, immediately get in contact with our team at West Michigan Injury Lawyers, PC. Our dependable dog bite attorneys in Muskegon want to help you file a case so you can gain equitable damages for all the emotional, physical, and mental pain you have suffered.

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