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Car Accidents

We investigate every possible contributing cause of an accident to ensure that you will receive
full compensation.

Catastrophic Injuries

West Michigan Injury Lawyers, P.C. can carry your burden from a catastrophic injury instead of bearing it on your own.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries are no laughing matter. Almost one in five of those who are bitten require medical attention.

Motorcycle Accidents

West Michigan Injury Lawyers, P.C. offers aggressive and professional representation to motorcycle
accident victims.

Nursing Home Abuse

When a nursing facility has failed to meet the basic needs of the patient, it is important to remember that the
patient has rights.

Pedestrian Accidents

We represent victims of structural defects, weather-related accidents, and comparative negligence claims.

Slip and Fall

We represent victims of slip and fall accidents and are often able to negotiate with insurance companies for maximum compensation for our clients

Truck Accidents

We represent victims of accidents involving large commercial vehicles to ensure that all liable parties are held accountable for their part in your accident.

Wrongful Death

No amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one. However, we help our clients achieve financial security so they can focus on recovering from their loss.

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